How it works

Welcome to Cinefanz;
Do you produce content, want people willing to pay for your content to find you, Cinefanz is the place for you. so upload those videos, selfies.
If you're a content creator or want to view exclusive content you're in the place to be.

To become a content creator there are steps you must complete before you can sell subscriptions to your contents or collect tips.
If you just want to view content or give tips, you don't have to verify.
  1.  You must verify your account by uploading ID Documentation, ( since you will be paid for your subscription and tips as a independent contractor we need to know who you are for verification purposes only). please view our Privacy Policy
  2.  If you are a U.S. Resident you have to upload a W9, to be verified. no W9 you can't be verified.
  3. To Verify your account use this link Verify My Account
  4. Once you are verified start uploading your content and name your subscription price.
  5. You can also recieved tips from members.
  6. Once you have made $200 you can request a withdrawal from your account (payments are made monthly by Bank Transfer transaction and site fees do apply). 

Want to view content providers profiles
Follow your favorite content provider, like what you see, want to see more exclusive content from those profiles that you enjoy viewing and would be happy to see more by purchasing a subscription, Cinefanz is the place you should be. enjoy exclusive content and support your favorite content provider for a small subsciption payment.

Cinefanz secure and safe
Cinefanz is a safe and secure platform for you to upload content and view content, We store all sensitive information off site and we do not store any Financial information, such ask Credit Card or banking information whatsoever, that is stored with one of the most secure internet payment processors companies in the world.

Cinefanz is mobile ready:
Take us anywhere with you, any time any place, your mobile device is always at the ready.