How To Join

1- Sign up for a profile, from the Front page select,  Don't have a account (this is under the login button)


You will then be taken to the join panel,  You must supply your name/username you want to use, if you use your name you can always switch it to off in your account panel so members will only see a site generated username.

2- Once you sign up you will be taken to your edit profile page from there you can edit your profile and view your other profile functionalities.

  • My profile page: View your profile page, you can upload you profile picture and page cover picture
  • View your wallet: View and add funds to your wallet
  • Referrals: Share your referral link and earn 5% for each one be it a Subscription, Tip or a PPV (for first transaction of your referral)
  • Be a Creator: Want to start selling Subscriptions this is how to do it
  • My Subscriptions: Shows the creators whose content you subscript to.
Privacy And Security
  • Privacy and Security: Shows Login Sessions, you can also delete account
  • Password: You can change your password
  • Restricted users: Show users you have restricted from viewing or contacting you.
  • Payments: Shows your payment history
  • Payout method: If you are a Content Creator it will show what you chose as you payout method, (you must be a verified content creator)
  • Withdrawals: If you are a Content Creator it will show what amount you chose to withdrawl for payout (you must be a verified content creator to make a withdrawal)
  • Purchased Items : Items you have purchased in the site store
Once you become a Verified Content Creator your profile has a few more items not found on a members page.


Privacy and Security:
  • Block Countries: block countries you don't want to see your content or your profile to shown in.
  • Payments received: show payments received from all sources.
  • Sales: show all sales of the items you placed in the shop.